This website strives to maintain and grow contact with Old Andreans by providing information and news on projects at College, events information and facilitates Old Andrean contact with the school and with each other.

"For this love of College runs in me and you, and as long as there is a single beat in your heart and a breath of air in your lungs, your blood and mine is – and always will be – Blue."

Marguerite Poland, A Passion Runs Through It (St Andrew's College Rugby Story)

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The St Andrew's College Chapel

A history - BY MARGUERITE POLAND ‘The Chapel is a place where hearts have thoughts’ The Chapel stands as testimony to the faith of its builders the courage of those to whom it became a memorial and the spirit it imbues in every College boy Meticulously researched and lovingly woven ...

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The Bell Note - St Andrew's College Rowing 1958 - 2018

The stroke is one long sweeping movement with legs driving all the way through The objective is to accelerate the boat to maximum speed Imagine that the end of the blade is locked onto a fence post in the water so that you are pulling the boat past a fixed ...

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St Andrew's College Highland Gathering - 22 & 23 September 2018

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Upcoming Events

2018 UK Old Andrean/DSG Old Girls Dinner

18th October 2018

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2018 Gauteng Old Andrean and DSG Old Girls Dinner

25th October 2018

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2018 Graaff-Reinet Branch Funtion

1st November 2018

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