This website strives to maintain and grow contact with Old Andreans by providing information and news on projects at College, events information and facilitates Old Andrean contact with the school and with each other.

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The hard way down

Long before the advent of Google Maps, decades before cellphones and almost 40 years exactly before the introduction of the first Defender, South African Robin Halse (Armstrong 1948 PM) set out on an overland adventure of epic proportions. Read all about his transcontinental journey from London to South Africa HERE.

Leen Remmelzwaal's(Mullins 2004) COVID-19 dashboard expands globally!

When confronted with crisis it is often the simple solutions that resonate most deeply with people Leen Remmelzwaal a PhD candidate in computational neuroscience at the University of Cape Town UCT discovered this first-hand when a dashboard he designed to offer South Africans a comprehensive overview of the latest coronavirus ...

The story of St Andrew's College and the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918

Throughout our -year old history St Andrew's College has faced some extraordinary challenges one of which was surviving the flu epidemic in The current COVID- crisis has forced us to suspend all activity on our campus but it is not the first time this has happened at College as years ...

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1960 and 1970 Leavers Reunion over OA Tide

20th November 2020

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