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John Dempster (Armstrong 2012) rows across the Atlantic Ocean

   Well done to solo rower John Dempster Armstrong of Watering The Mind on completing the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge the World’s Toughest Row in days hours minutes    He has rowed miles km across the Atlantic Ocean    CONGRATULATIONS John - we are proud of you      NEC ASPERA ...

Is this the time to buy property?

Is this the time to buy property We all know the benefits of owning one’s own property Over time one accumulates wealth Rent is avoided and any monthly payments that are made are put into your own property One can improve one’s property according to one’s budget timescale and taste ...

Skydiving at 95!

The Foundation Office received the following interesting story from Peter Levey Graham recently I think that you published the story of Graham Dods’ Hon OA bungy jump off the Storms River Bridge in Since I was intending to visit Cape Town in this prompted me to meet with my old ...

Upcoming Events

2020 Gauteng Summer Drinks

4th March 2020

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2020 Upper and Armstrong Golf Day

15th March 2020

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2020 Lower Albany Seafood Lunch

10th May 2020

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